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How Do You Construct a Court?
(This is a general description, not architectual plans)

A level surface 91' long and 13' wide with side and back walls accommodates all styles of play including the "Open Rules" and both recognize international disciplines. If you are planning to build a personal court for recreational use for you, your family and friends then the size should be whatever fits in your backyard. I recommend the internationally approved 91'x13' court because it provides the most flexibility. Your court will then be regulation size regardless of the style of game you play, and you can begin training for the U.S. Bocce Team.

Side walls and back walls are desirable. They should be constructed of wood, preferably sunken treated wood or bolted to concrete walls to provide resilience. Walls may, however, also be constructed above ground.

The court surface should be relatively smooth and level. A packed hard surface should be accomplished with a mixture of clay and oyster shell flour, limestone or decomposed granite dust. Synthetic surfaces are being developed which minimize maintenance. Carpet may also be used. And, if you do not have a court, just play anywhere. Grass, sand, dirt... you'll still have fun!

One of our builders, Steve, found Oyster Shell Lime (Flour) on the west coast that delivers. He passed it along to me and I want to do the same since its sometimes hard to find at your local feed store. Go to and type in "Oyster" in the search'll find a few options, but your looking for "Oyster Shell Lime (50 Lb)".

West Coast: Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply -

Details: They have 50lbs bags available below $10 each and a decent shipping price. Please mention when ordering!!

Buy the plans to build your own 'iBocce Court'! The plans include descriptive detail on all the steps you see above and more. Also includes personal notes on the construction process and insight on landscaping and maintaneance.

Click here to order your set of plans from the Smashwords. It's just $9.99 to download a digital copy! Download the plans as a PDF to make sure you can print them out.

For complete detailed info on building a court buy my book:

Updated! See Pictures of My Own Bocce Court Construction!

If you are located in the Northern California Area and would like to contact a professional contractor: Visit

NEW! So do you think constructing your own court is too much of a hassle or too costly. Check out the Backyard Bocce - Portable Bocce Courts page and see if one of these courts can suit your needs.