iBocce.com Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who created this website?
      Answer: Bryan Mero (me) started this page in 1996. Back then it was called "BAM's Bocce Page". My nickname as a kid was "BamBam" (a play on my initials). Since then, I've shortenned it up to just "BAM" for most of my web work. I never guessed that is would be so successful. It has brought a whole new world to my door step. So I decided to take it one more step and registered "iBocce.com".
    2. What's your expertise on bocce?
      Answer: I've been playing bocce (Mobile app link) since 1995 in the Martinez Bocce Federation, the largest bocce league in the U.S.A. My love of other sports carried over to bocce where I became Capo of our team for many years. I've become a teacher for many novice players seeking advice and trianing. Knowing each individual rule, developing strategies that help the team win and an overall enthusiasm for the game may have something to do with the "expert" label. I still have things to learn about the game and try to obtain any advice I can...especially from our seasoned citizens who have been playing longer than I've been alive. :-)
    3. Where can I buy my own set of bocce balls?
      Answer: iBocce.com now has bocce sets available on the bocce products page. Playaboule.com is my new affiliate that sells all sorts of bocce sets. You are going to pay ~$100 for a GOOD set of new bocce balls. Playaboule.com is great because they have great prices and 2-3 day free shipping on most items!
    4. Why do I see so many different court sizes?
      Answer: I list the official size court for my bocce league. Other leagues may set different standards for their level of play. Size is only a guideline especially if your looking to build your own court. If you are considering building your own court I suggest finding the longest length of land possible (or at least 60 feet). This will give you a better sense of depth especially if you bring your new found skill to a tournament away from your home grown court. See my own home constructed court for tips on building your own.
    5. I have a question on a particular bocce rule, how can I find the answer?
      My bocce rules page is taken directly from the Martinez Bocce Federation. The MBF is the largest bocce club in the United States. Although rules differ from club to club, I decided to post the rules the largest club uses. Hopefully at some point all the rules will be the same so we can present bocce as an Olympic sport.
    6. Where can I buy Oyster Shell Flour??
      One of our builders, Steve, found Oyster Shell Lime (Flour) on the west coast that delivers. He passed it along to me and I want to do the same since its sometimes hard to find at your local feed store. Go to GrowOrganic.com and type in "Oyster" in the search box...you'll find a few options, but your looking for "Oyster Shell Lime (50 Lb)".


      Details: They have 50lbs bags available below $10 each and a decent shipping price. 

                    Please mention iBocce.com when ordering!!

I hope these questions and answers help. Hopefully it will cut down on some the e-mail questions I keep receiving. If you still have questions above and beyond what's covered here please send me an e-mail. I always try my best to answer you even if I don't know the answer.

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